Sorry, there are currently no rental properties available.

Junction Rentals & Property Management Co. Application Process:

  • Each adult, over the age of 18 is required to complete a separate application.
  • Each applicant must provide a copy of their Driver’s License or Government-Issued photo ID
  • Each applicant must provide their most recent pay stub, or bank statement.
  • he application fee is $85 per application (includes background check).

Fees are payable via Zelle to [email protected]. Your application is not considered until the fee is received. All fees are non-refundable. (if Zelle is not an option for you, no worries, please let me know and we can arrange another way to pay)

Note: This application process is only for rentals listed with Junction Rentals. If you decide on a property listed with another company, you will have to complete their application process & are subject to their fees.

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